Hello... Thanks for dropping by! we live in East Barnet in Hertfordshire (just north of London).

Chrissie and I have been in Barnet for over forty years now! Although originally from Bristol, we've lived in various parts of Greater London for most of our lives...


This is about the closest I ever got to sport


In Bristol, about six month after we met




I used to work from home for a large telecommunications company but retired in April 2018. This was 6 months after celebrating my 45th anniversary of working with STC then Nortel then Ciena.

In the evenings I used to spend a lot of time mucking around with my PCs and curated various websites for bands and venues, under the guise of RJWsite. But that's mostly tailing off now...

I've been the secretary and treasurer for the local East Barnet Residents' Association for the past couple of decades and spend a lot of time trying to prevent the worst of the planning atrocities people seem to want to impose on us! Recently I became the secretary of FORAB the Federation of Residents' Associations of Barnet, which encourages collaboration and information sharing across the wider area.

If you'd like to get in touch, please feel free to contact me.