Cotham Grammar School

Here's a school photo from when I was in the upper sixth form at Cotham Grammar School in Bristol.

Does anyone recognise himself in it? If so, please send me a note, I'd love to hear from you!

I've added the names I think I know or people have told me...

Cotham Grammar School Prefects 1970-71

Back Row: John McGill, Philip Organ, Roger Clelford, Ralph Pike

Fourth Row: Terry Lee, Martin Oldland, John Mazur, R Neale

Third Row: H Milsom, Graham Easton, Steve Purkis, G Knight, Jeremy Bishop, J Burrow, Nick Mills, Alec Bellamy

Second Row: Michael Griffiths, J Williams, G Ford, J Peacock, Phil Downs, M Cassey, D James, Stephen Rose, Christopher (Chris) Ralph, J Bryant, Mike Freeman, R Singh, J Illott

Front Row: Kevin Murphy, Malcolm Willis, Rob White - ME!, John Kenway, Mr P Marsden, Roy Screech, Mr GR Yelland (headmaster), Mike Bigwood, Chris Slowley, Mike Farley, Roger Orchard, Robin Edmunds

And here's a slightly older one I rediscovered, from the year before.

This time the names were printed on the picture mount, so I'm a bit more confident they're right!
Where I think I can remember the first name, I've added that in brackets.

Cotham Grammar School Prefects 1969-70

Back row: RT Mooney, GC Colvin, RC (Roger) Orchard, PJ Tanner;

Third row: MH (Martin) Oldland, PM Steel, RG Tilley, GJ (Geoff) Shire, RE (Ralph) Pike, JR Spiers, CM (Chris) Slowley, MA (Alec) Bellamy, SD (Simon) Featherstone, PC Barnett, AJ Woodward;

Second row: SK Chick, P Butler, JD Buxton, GD (Gerald) Fowler, SL Ford, PT Dando, RC Wlaznik, PL Thorn, MJ (Mike) Bigwood, RD (Rob) Edmunds, MB Hall, JM (Jeremy) Bishop, SW (Steve) Purkis, KR (Kevin) Murphy;

Front row: RJ (Rob) White - ME!!, NR Chinn (Vice-Captain), AS Bratt (Vice-Captain), SA Hawkins (Vice-Captain), RJ Jordan (Deputy Captain), MG Turner (Deputy Headmaster), ML Farley (School Captain), GR Yelland (Headmaster), R (Roy) Screech (Deputy Captain), JW Kenway (Vice-Captain), ML (Malcolm) Willis (Vice-Captain), MG Farley, H (Hugh) Mansergh.